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Nixon's Story

Nixon was born with a tumour on his head that was the size of an adult’s fist. Thanks to medical research, Nixon is now a strong healthy boy who loves playing with his big brother and sister.

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Brydee's Story

Brydee was diagnosed with Leukemia when she was just 5 months old. Thanks to medical research, she is now 3 years old & doing really well and loves playing with her sister and going to pre-school.

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Mackenzie's Story

Mackenzie at 9 years old was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. Due to medical research, Mackenzie earlier this year rang the end of treatment bell in the hospital after 2 years of treatment.

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Maddy's Story

When Maddy was four-and-a-half, she fell off the trampoline at her friend's place and hurt her leg. An x-ray at the hospital showed it was nothing serious and the doctor on duty said "she's probably putting it on a bit." But Kristy knew her daughter wasn't like that.

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Tyler's Story

As Tyler was jumping on his bed, Sara noticed a lump the size of a 20 cent coin on his back. While her husband Craig and eldest son Caleb stayed in Cairns, Sara and Tyler flew to the Royal Children’s Hospital in Brisbane for tests.

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Kayne's Story

Bouncy, bright-eyed Kayne was a typically playful and curious toddler - until he started displaying worrying symptoms. Mum, Danii, took him to the local hospital time and time again, only to be told it was 'just reflux' - until one day, she refused to leave without an answer.

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